Device Parenting
  • 07 Apr 2022
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Device Parenting

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The proper parenting of devices in Netreo is extremely important for getting an accurate display of your network topology, as well as for incident management.

Parenting can be manually configured for devices in two places in Netreo:

  • The "Host" tab in the administrative view of the Device Dashboard for a single device.
  • The Parent Configuration page of Netreo (Administration > Parenting > Change) for multiple devices.

Parenting should always be configured from the network perspective of where the Netreo server is located on the network.

Be aware that Netreo does not automatically or continuously scan for parenting changes.

Ensuring that all of your devices have parenting properly configured in Netreo allows the network topology to be displayed visually on the network topology map, as well as on the device map found on the "Topology" tab of the Device Dashboard for each device.

Parent/Child Discovery Scan
You can have Netreo attempt to discover the parents and children of all devices in your network for you. This discovery scan must be initiated manually, as it will overwrite the parenting configuration for all devices in your network.

To have Netreo discover the layer 2/3 parents and children of all devices in your network:

  1. Log in to Netreo as a user with the Admin access level or higher.
  2. Navigate to the Device dashboard of any device.
  3. Select the gear icon to switch to the administrative view.
  4. Select the "Host" tab.
  5. In the "Parents" section, use the Actions pull-down menu to select Auto Discover.

Using this tool will overwrite any manual parenting you may have already done for any of the devices in your network. So, you should only use it before performing any manual parenting.

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