Netreo SaaS 06-12-2024 Release Notes
  • 11 Jun 2024
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Netreo SaaS 06-12-2024 Release Notes

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Article summary

Update: June 12, 2024

Netreo SaaS has been updated with the following changes:

Feature Updates

  • IM-6197 When the device license count is exceeded, Netreo will now automatically disable a number of the most recently added devices equal to the disparity
  • IM-7583 New NRPE device type poller no longer requires NRPE devices to respond to SNMP

Issues Resolved

  • IM-7276 Frequent device polling failures on Oracle-based servers
  • IM-7348 Interface tag limitations on Velo Edge devices 
  • IM-7390 Service engine synchronization timing out in large environments
  • IM-7511 HA status icon (chain) of arbitrator shows incorrect mouseover message when replica is down
  • IM-7586 Request to Interface-Tagging API returns invalid JSON message for regex with interfaces having alias names
  • IM-7625 Packets Discards metric is not reporting any values
  • IM-7645 Auto disabled IPv6 devices fail to be re-enabled when they recover
  • IM-7656 SSL/TLS Certificate Administration page not available on service engines
  • IM-7658 Performance tab of Device Dashboard displaying internal server error message when attempting to view performance graphs
  • IM-7659 "WAN Summary Status by Business Workflow" dashboard widget only displays the first group when multiple groups are selected in configuration
  • IM-7668 Percentile report is showing data usages with extreme values (e.g., 1800%)
  • Miscellaneous UI improvements

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