Netreo SaaS 02-21-2024 Release Notes
  • 20 Feb 2024
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Netreo SaaS 02-21-2024 Release Notes

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Article summary

Update: February 21, 2024

Netreo SaaS has been updated with the following changes:

Issues Resolved

  • IM-6095 IPv6 is disabled by default on Rhel 8
  • IM-6160 Logging rule/service check failing to go critical
  • IM-6498 Top Talkers Report line graph plot not using scaling factor configured in poller 
  • IM-6529 Palo Alto Firewall device type not collecting SSH-related metrics
  • IM-6701 Configuration Rules Report only shows first rule failure, not all rule failures
  • IM-6742 OpsGenie acknowledgement integration not working
  • IM-6819 SNMPv3 devices failing to poll
  • IM-6821 Service check alarms are not being suppressed by incident management when the incident rule is created using the device category
  • IM-6834 Clicking an item in the Netreo main menu that is not a destination page closes the entire menu rather than leaving it unaffected
  • IM-6853 Looking Glass tool should not be available in device menu if not enabled on device type
  • IM-6873 Python SNMP module does not support AuthNoPriv
  • IM-6895 Editing an existing custom report schedule causes the pop-up window to appear under an existing pop-up window
  • IM-6899 The alignment of the Delete Action method window is not correct.
  • IM-6905 FlexiWAN configuration panels not displayed properly on Cloud Monitoring Administration page
  • IM-6910 Looking Glass ping command is producing an error for all devices
  • IM-6919 "Add port-protocol" pop-up dialog for the NetFlow Application Administration page does not load
  • IM-6923 Tables for action groups on "In Use" pop-up dialog not displayed correctly
  • IM-6926 Configuration options on Template Baseline page misaligned
  • IM-6927 Configuration options for Retrace Monitored Apps widget misaligned
  • IM-6938 EmailArt widget elements not aligned correctly
  • IM-6940 Alternative NameID Mapping settings panel (for SAML) not displayed correctly on Authentication Settings page
  • IM-6941 Tooltips incorrectly displayed on ServiceNow Administration page
  • IM-6944  Close button for "Add current page to Favorite" pop-up confirmation dialog not visible
  • IM-6945 Tooltip for "Add Widgets" panel missing on custom dashboard creation page and text for "Help on Added Widgets" pop-up dialog misaligned
  • IM-6951 Tooltips missing on Device Administration pages
  • IM-6952 Tooltips not displayed correctly on Download Configuration CSV page
  • IM-6953 Colored badges in Tactical Overview misaligned when in SlideView
  • IM-6954 On the Strategic Groups Administration page for a given group, the "Edit Devices" button is displayed incorrectly as a pull-down menu
  • IM-6955 Selecting "Netreo Mobile" entry from Netreo user menu produces 404 error
  • IM-6956 Options for configured template usage (devices) are misaligned in Device Templates Administration
  • IM-6970 Consolidated dashboard SlideView not highlighting current page on carousel indicators
  • IM-6973 Incident ID text entry field in History Logs filter misaligned
  • IM-6974 The option buttons on the Delete Custom Map pop-up dialog are not displayed properly
  • IM-6975 Selecting the "Sites Administration" button on the Custom Map Help pop-up dialog produces a 404 error
  • IM-6984 Pull-down menu for actions on Device Template Cloud Library page is not displaying properly (missing graphical element)
  • IM-6985 Tooltip display/alignment issues on Template Administration page
  • IM-6994 Hyperlink from Netreo Log In screen to Netreo Knowledge Base no longer working
  • IM-6997 Pull-down menu for URL operation on WebART Edit Detail page is not displaying properly (missing graphical element)
  • IM-7039 Pull-down menu for Windows Polling Method on System Preferences page is not displaying properly (missing graphical element)
  • IM-7042 Button to remove CSV file is not displayed properly on Import / Export Devices page
  • IM-7047 Tooltip showing included widgets missing from widget count column on Customize Dashboards page
  • IM-7050 Netreo main menu missing from SaaS GUI when logged in as the Netreo user
  • IM-7058 Tactical Overview widget fails to load when there is a category named "Other"

Log in to your Netreo SaaS account at to see these changes.

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