Netreo SaaS 12-13-2023 Release Notes
  • 12 Dec 2023
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Netreo SaaS 12-13-2023 Release Notes

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Update: December 13, 2023

Netreo SaaS has been updated with the following changes:

Feature Updates

  • IM-6204 New OpsGenie ITSM Integration API for incident acknowledgement through OpsGenie
  • IM-6346 Removing the last service engine from a service engine group is now only allowed if no devices are assigned to the group

Issues Resolved

  • IM-4468 Cloud resource device types lack proper icons for UI display
  • IM-6147 Service checks for devices monitored by service engines not obeying configured retry values
  • IM-6208 Configuring Microsoft 365 Insight without configuring a synthetic check creates a default "Mail" EmailArt check
  • IM-6350 Maintenance window End Now button doesn't create an incident for active alarms in timely manner
  • IM-6402 Site Topology tab takes a long time to load on sites with large number of devices
  • IM-6418 QoS metrics for Post-Policy Class and Total Drops Class fail to load on the Performance tab of the Device Dashboard
  • IM-6448 Amazon EC2 devices fail to make it to the interrogation stage after discovery
  • IM-6477 Password updates for Oracle, MSSQL, and Exchange DAG device subtypes not being captured in Netreo audit log
  • IM-6497 Microsoft 365 EmailART check failing to authenticate with the SMTP server when credentials contain "&" character
  • IM-6500 Traffic Exporters table fails to populate FLOW COUNT column
  • IM-6507 Incident Manager ActiveView table takes a long time to load the ALARMS column
  • IM-6516 "Email Application Check" hyperlink in EmailART check configuration produces 404 Page not found error

Log in to your Netreo SaaS account at to see these changes.

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