Netreo SaaS 05-17-2023 Release Notes
  • 16 May 2023
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Netreo SaaS 05-17-2023 Release Notes

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Article summary

Update: May 17, 2023

Netreo SaaS has been updated with the following changes:

Feature Updates

  • IM-5129 UI improvement to easily add additional individual subnets for scanning without needing to first manually add a new row to the subnet scan table
  • IM-5130 Added bulk import/export of subnets through CSV files to make subnet scan setup more convenient

Issues Resolved

  • IM-4822 Edits to Azure configuration in Cloud Monitoring Administration not updating correctly causing failure to discover cloud-based resources
  • IM-4969 Re-enabled devices not opening new incidents for service checks that continue to be in a critical state
  • IM-5064 Service Engine continuously flapping between Host Up and Host Down status
  • IM-5171 Windows devices experiencing intermittent gaps in polled data
  • IM-5247 Slack URL endpoint used in webhook is producing a certificate error
  • IM-5280 "Check DAG Database Copy Health Status" service check is displaying a "NotApplicable" response causing it to enter the critical state
  • IM-5288 Newly opened incidents contain no alarm information
  • IM-5294 Windows service checks encountering WMIC tool errors even when using WinRM as selected polling type for device
  • IM-5305 Threshold checks still creating incidents after disabling threshold alerts on a device
  • IM-5312 Notification log webhook status displaying "Success" for failed webhooks
  • IM-5313 Notification log failing to displaying HTML output correctly
  • IM-5314 "Contact Filter" filtering option for detailed Notification Logs fails to return any results
  • IM-5333 Users with user partition restrictions enabled are not able to view/acknowledge WebART incidents
  • IM-5343 Health Change Comparison widget in advanced report fails to load and produces PHP fatal error
  • IM-5360 Geographic Map fails to cluster sites on zoom out
  • IM-5367 Error downloading the Alcatel 6860 SAA subtype from the cloud library
  • IM-5380 Increase in monitored memory-per-process instances after updating Netreo from version 2023.1.16 causing heavy slowdown of UI.
  • IM-5391 "Save This Map" button failing to save map for the Geographic Map widget

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