Netreo SaaS 05-15-2024 Release Notes
  • 14 May 2024
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Netreo SaaS 05-15-2024 Release Notes

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Article summary

Update: May 15, 2024

Netreo SaaS has been updated with the following changes:

Feature Updates

  • IM-5880 Minor convenience updates to the login page
  • IM-7183 All references in Netreo to the term DE-ACKNOWLEDGE have been updated to UNACKNOWLEDGE
  • IM-7484 The Inventory report now has a CSV export option for email scheduling
  • IM-7486 Bandwidth Analysis report now has a CSV export option for email scheduling
  • IM-7522 The Notification Log now includes a new column (ACK ID) showing the user name of the user who has acknowledged a given incident

Issues Resolved

  • IM-7053 SNMP traps are failing to be logged 
  • IM-7394 API calls to the Microsoft Graph API for Yammer data fail due to Yammer being renamed to Viva by Microsoft
  • IM-7468 Maintenance window fails to start when scheduled simultaneously with start of Daylight Saving Time 
  • IM-7476 Incident creation time differs from service check alarm logs due to Daylight Saving Time issue
  • IM-7505 On first time opening the Custom Menu Administration page and adding a menu item page, the page will refresh prior to saving the configuration
  • IM-7514 Internal server error occurring for QoS metrics devices for CentOS 6 server
  • IM-7535 Device type image fails to update after image is manually changed
  • IM-7556 License expiration warning popup is not clearly visible in dark mode
  • IM-7578 Updating a non-IDP user's configuration sets the "IDP user" flag to ON
  • IM-7587 SAML user seeing "You can only change the password when using Netreo Local Authentication" warning on login
  • IM-7592  Interface graphs fail to load for inactive interfaces
  • IM-7600 Device Dashboard fails to load for devices with QoS subtypes
  • IM-7622 Threshold Time In State report from Device Dashboard menu is showing "An Internal server error occurred."

Log in to your Netreo SaaS account at to see these changes.

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