Netreo SaaS 03-20-2024 Release Notes
  • 20 Mar 2024
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Netreo SaaS 03-20-2024 Release Notes

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Update: March 20, 2024

Netreo SaaS has been updated with the following changes:

Feature Updates

  • IM-6162 Time-in-State reports now use CSV as the default option for providing report data (PDF option soon to be deprecated)
  • IM-6165 The mass service check deletion tool now displays the current status and type (active/passive) of listed service checks and allows filtering of the list based on column data
  • IM-6693 Time-in-State report now available for service check status
  • IM-6705 Custom maps now include a configuration option to specify a user partition for viewing

Issues Resolved

  • IM-4873 Last reboot report still shows am/pm when time is set to military format
  • IM-5077 Software license linked from login page is outdated
  • IM-5801 MSSQL Database State service check shows unknown state
  • IM-6142 Data gaps for RVPLS interfaces 
  • IM-6822 Blank active SSH response in action groups sometimes shows password in alert emails
  • IM-6837 Querying the classname on win32_service in TestWMI gives utf-8 error
  • IM-6907 "Test WMI" debugging tool does not work for WinRM HTTPS/5986 devices
  • IM-6916 Interface name provided by Netreo for interfaces is inconsistent
  • IM-6917 Interface Utilization is being shown incorrectly possibly due to counter rollover
  • IM-7045 AIOps Autopilot module automatically has all models enabled when the license is applied, causing undesired changes to Netreo configurations
  • IM-7056 Devices monitored by a service engine stop responding to SNMP, but start responding again after reboot of service engine
  • IM-7125 NetFlow nfdump data filling up disk partition and not purging 
  • IM-7133 Config Manager stopped sorting backups based on date after Netreo update
  • IM-7218 Template Ruleset Problems report time stamp is not matching with the table details and pop up details
  • IM-7226 Nightly auto-license is failing to update expiration date
  • IM-7230 Multiple page titles showing 2023.1 instead of 2024.1
  • IM-7242 Bandwidth utilization data showing incorrect data in Top Talkers report for line and stacked histogram graphs
  • IM-7245 OpsGenie acknowledgement failing
  • IM-7274 Device polling errors after upgrading to the 2024.1.10 release 
  • Miscellaneous UI fixes related to bootstrap upgrade

Log in to your Netreo SaaS account at to see these changes.

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