Netreo SaaS 01-24-2024 Release Notes
  • 07 Feb 2024
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Netreo SaaS 01-24-2024 Release Notes

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The January 11, 2024 and January 24, 2024 updates for Netreo have been released for SaaS only. There are no updates for on-premises deployments at this time. Expect the normal on-premises release schedule to resume with the next version update.

Update: January 24, 2024

Netreo SaaS has been updated with the following changes:

Feature Updates

  • IM-91 AWS Elastic Load Balancer device type now collects latency statistic
  • IM-6086 New site status for site device groups allows for visualization of overall site health without the need to utilize a “dummy device”
  • IM-6426 The Top Talkers widget may now optionally be configured to sort bandwidth utilization of tagged interfaces by percentage rather than byte volume

Issues Resolved

  • IM-6072 Bandwidth data showing repeating spikes in graph data
  • IM-6239 IPv6 devices report host down while PING status reports as OK
  • IM-6367 Meraki poller failing to run with an error referencing specific network ID
  • IM-6370 Mail logs reporting fatal errors
  • IM-6450 Threshold limits displayed below graphs fail to auto-convert units of values to Kilo or Mega when threshold values are too high
  • IM-6504 Threshold checks for logging rules are failing to create incidents 
  • IM-6518 Device export CSV list is breaking due to formatting in some rows 
  • IM-6520 Incident publishing feature continues to attempt to publish incidents after being toggled off
  • IM-6550 Packet loss and jitter metrics not being collected
  • IM-6589 Netreo failing to poll SQL statistics
  • IM-6600 "Top Exporters" fails to show up in the Traffic dashboard widget
  • IM-6601 AiOps Autopilot exclusion groups showing unknown group
  • IM-6617 Processing manual alerts for host incidents fails to populate HOSTSTATE macro
  • IM-6644 Apache logs failing to rotate causing excessive disk usage
  • IM-6692 Time in State report does not show the "BGP peer Status" service checks under the "BGP' filter
  • IM-6704 Renotifications not being sent by incidents
  • IM-6707 Incident management rules produce an error when attempting to use device attributes
  • IM-6817 "Internal server error" in Virtualization widget for standalone hosts
  • IM-6818 SaaS service engine download link pop-up dialog no longer displaying after creating a new service engine
  • IM-6879 Multiple dashboard widgets failing to load correctly after update to version 2024.1.2

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